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​Let’s be honest. Finding the time and motivation to exercise and keep fit is hard. Work, the commute, kids, family, friends, broken car, broken boiler, leaking roof, illness, lack of energy, switching broadband supplier, and on, and on – there’s always something going on in our increasingly busy lives to get in the way of keeping fit and healthy. But with the right approach, it is possible… personal training

The time & motivation challenge

Even if you can carve some time, you might not particularly like exercise, or you might dread the idea of going to a gym with all those fit people and pumped up attitudes you see on YouTube or Instagram. Or you might think, “Well I can find an hour or two a week, but I can’t find an hour a day.”

Well, as a Personal Trainer who is a scientist by training, I’m here to tell you what the science tells us:

  • You don’t have to do everything, you just have to do something – a vast body of research tells us that any activity is better for health than no activity, and activity that interests us is even better
  • You can get big gains in health with surprisingly small amounts of focussed effort 

It's not all about cardio...

One of the great barriers to keeping fit and healthy is the fear of the pretty unpleasant feeling of getting very out of breath, with burning lungs and burning legs. Even as someone who has spent my whole life doing endurance sport of one kind or another, I agree, sometimes it can be horrible and not particularly enticing!

The good news is that exercise that makes you healthier doesn’t necessarily have to be like this! Cardio has its place in health and fitness, but a good personal trainer or coach will help you find other ways to improve your fitness and, if you do fancy trying the lung-burn thing, will help you venture into it and build a love of that kind of exercise gradually and sustainably.

Strength training and health

It is now widely accepted in the medical and scientific communities that so-called cardiovascular exercise (running, cycling, aerobics etc) isn’t the only thing we can do to improve our long-term health.

Strong muscles and joints are just as important as good cardiovascular fitness. Government guidelines now recommend weekly cardiovascular and strengthening exercises. Scientific evidence tells us that strength-based exercise can: 

  • Delay the effects of ageing by reducing muscle loss as we age (note that biologically speaking, “ageing” starts at 25-30 years old!)
  • Improving our strength & balance
  • Minimising the impact of arthritis and joint wear and tear
  • Help improve posture
  • Help reduce lower back pain
  • Help improve cardiovascular health

Most importantly for you, the busy person, a strong body can be built with small amounts of specific, focused activity. And after building some strength, your body is more likely to be ready to take on some cardiovascular training should you fancy it…

Ok, you've convinced me, what next?

Just contact me for a no-strings-attached chat! 

The most effective fitness training must always be tailored to you, the individual. As a personal trainer, I offer a highly consultative approach so that our sessions and training plans work for you, personally. We start by assessing your goals, your current fitness level, and your other life-pressures and commitments. We then build a plan from the appropriate starting point. I ensure that you have all the guidance and support you need to become healthier and fitter sustainably for today, next week, next month, next year